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  1. Ich gratuliere für die 11g Zertifikation!

  2. Hallo Laurent

    Danke. Aber noch ist die Frage auf deinem Blog offen. Ich habe noch nichts gesehen, dass man für das Upgrade einen Kurs besuchen muss. Aber schauen wir mal, ob ich die schöne Urkunde bekomme…


  3. Ich glaube gar nicht, dass man einen Kurs besuchen muss 😎

    Die Urkunde bekommst Du sicher innerhalb 1 Monat !

  4. Dear Sven, great info for those interested in passing the 11g exam.
    Can I ask where you took your exams, and were you required to take an official oracle training course to do so?
    The reason I am asking is that we used to be an Oracle Training Partner, and in the Middle East Oracle requires candidates to take an official course before issuing the exam certification.
    I was just wondering if this is the same in your region.

  5. Hello

    >>in the Middle East Oracle requires candidates to take an official course before issuing the exam certification.

    It’s the same in Switzerland (and I think in hole Europe).
    But an official course is only necessary for a new exam, not for the update.

    I took my first OCP exam with Oracle 8 – without the prerequisite to visit an Oracle course.


  6. Moin Sven,

    Thanks for sharing this. I am preparing right now for 11g upgrade – hope 4 weeks are enough.


  7. I took Oracle 11g exam this morning (07/12/08) and furtunately I passed the exam. I went to exam with very good preparation and scoring practice test all the questions right continuesly for almost a week. I expected that I will score between 95 and 100%. It was very difficult from the verbage, and too many multiple answers to pick. Also several questions were with exibits with too much text. I was taking exam since Oracle 7 but never felt any test of Oracle or other products this difficult. Too many exhibits to look to answer questions and too little time.
    After reading Steve’s message, I feel good that I am not the only person feeling that way.

  8. How hard is the test anyway? Say, I’m an intermediate user of Oracle, would this make me qualified to pass? Any hints on what they ask, or is each test different?

    Thanks for that
    Best wishes

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